SFTWA Invited Aaron Peskin in to chat....

ON Tuesday June 2nd, the SFTWA invited Aaron Peskin in to speak to and with our members.  It was a fantastic and enlightening chat, below we have some video courtesy of John Han.  Enjoy.


This one is just short clips overall.


In this clip, Aaron Peskin explains a little about the roots of the SFMTA, and some regrets and failures about Prop A, which he authored.  


In this clip, Peskin explains the importance of understanding the difference between "justice" vs "politics".  He emphasizes the importance of going for what can be politically achieved vs going for what is the ideal vision of justice, which is often politically unrealistic. 


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  • Randy Miller
    commented 2015-06-12 12:42:54 -0700
    I can only trust your comments regarding the lack of a level playing field UBER and other ride share companies enjoy will be at the top of your list of things to work on once you are elected to office.