Super Bowl 50

Michael Haris letter authorizing taxi use of transit lanes around Super Bowl city.  You may want to print this and keep it with you!

Here is contact phone numbers for taxi's to call if you have an issue at taxi stands (24 hours, yup really)

Super Bowl 50 is a few days away!  To assist drivers I have done a lot of the research and compiled reference materials here...  You will want to read between the lines, review the maps (below) and use your taxi driving experience and knowledge so you don't end up stuck in gridlock (like trying to head to a "taxi stand").

Super Bowl 50 Street Closures & Taxi Stands

Super Bowl 50 Paratransit Information

See latest update from the GTU @ SFO here...

 Pedestrian Map w/Taxi Stands (note the traffic reroutes not shown, see map below)


 Street reroute map - Note the taxi stands are not on this map but be sure to take note of the traffic and bicycle reroutes on Howard (hint).  Do you really think bicycles are going to respect these closures!?  hahaha yeah right.



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