Uber and Lyft defeated at SFMTA Safer Market St plan hearing.

Today the SFMTA board made a sensible decision to approve the Safer Market St plan with no exceptions for Uber / Lyft.

Statement from SFTWA: after the flip

The Uber/Lyft platforms mean more traffic congestion, greater pressures on infrastructure without the tax base, less economic opportunity for drivers, greater risks for riders and drivers both, and most importantly less safe streets in the cities we call home.   The SFMTA Board made the right decision to pass the Safer Market St plan in its current form restricting personal vehicle traffic through some of the most dangerous intersections in the city.  We applaud their correct recognition of the false claims made by TNC reps and hope to continue to see such forward thinking public policy remain unmolested by multi billion dollar corporate interests.  We would also like to salute Muni Drivers, WalkSF and SF Bike Coalition for their contributions to this debate and thank them for their support in making San Francisco streets safe for everyone.