Governor takes action...

Governor Brown took action today on three bills that the SFTWA opposed, signing two of them into law and vetoing a third. The bills he signed will have severe negative effects on public safety and the environment, not to mention a level playing field.

AB 2763 will change the definition of "personal vehicle" to include one that's rented by the hour for commercial purposes, as long as it's a TNC and "not a taxicab or a limousine". Using one's own "personal vehicle" was the primary justification used for creating this special, lightly to unregulated class of transportation in the first place.

AB 1289 puts the public at risk by establishing a background check process for TNC drivers that does not require fingerprint background checks.

The governor did however veto AB 650. This bill would have placed all taxi regulation (except for San Francisco) under the CPUC, basically deregulating the taxi industry in California.

Governor vetoes AB 650

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