Member Benefits and Services

SFTWA members are eligibility to enroll in our group dental plan for themselves or for their families. In addition, we fight to protect your interests and rights before the SFMTA, SFO, and the CPUC—and we lobby at both city and state levels on issues that affect the Taxi Industry.

Every member increases our strength. Join the fight, brothers and sisters!

Benefits and Services

  • Eligibility for SFTWA group dental insurance with DeltaCare USA, for an individual or a family
  • Information about an affordable Vision Service Plan, for an individual or for a family
  • Help with Worker's Compensation Claims
  • Assistance and advice about:
           -  problems at SFO or the SFMTA
           -  moving violations and parking citations

If you are interested in our group dental plan, or have any other issue, contact us at 415-534-5221 or at [email protected]