Peskin Wins

Aaron Peskin Wins District 3 Supervisor!!

On Tuesday November 3rd the voters elected Aaron Peskin with 52.28% of the vote!  He beat Mayor Lee's candidate by 8.4%!  It is difficult to ignore the weak support for Ed Lee even with his re-election!  Considering Lee had no power player running against him he still got less then 60% of the votes.  Heck, when nearly 10% of your constituency thinks a guy known as "Broke Ass Stewart" is a better choice, IMHO that's pretty telling...

Aaron's win changes the tide of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and we have a progressive majority again!!  As the SF Board of Supervisors very well should be!  Given the support Mr. Peskin has shown for the Taxi Industry, this is very positive.  Some of the SFTWA representatives and several drivers were at Aaron Peskin's election night party which was held at Club Fugazi.  Here is the photo op:






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