Get Ready for the Geo Fence!

The long awaited Geo Fence short system is launching!!

For anyone who does not know, SFO is transitioning to a distanced based short system and dumping the horrible, dangerous, easy to cheat 30 minute short system.   I do not even want to hear any complaints about losing the time based system!  Only those who were taking advantage of one of the numerous ways to cheat, or game, that system would complain about the change. 

That said, in theory, this is a much better short system that determines a short based on where you drop after leaving SFO. If your fare is dropped off somewhere within the defined short area on the map you will then have 2 hours to return to SFO and be considered a "short"!  No more panic because you run into some traffic, no more driving 90 and doing that little two finger pinch to the cab in front of you hoping he will be cool and move over, no more hauling down the entry ramp to SFO praying that motorcycle cop isn't sitting at the end, or begging the guys in the taxi line to let you jump in front to tag your short in time!!  Nope!  Now you can calmly drive your passenger to their destination, be kind and friendly, unload their luggage and patiently wait for their children to get the heck out of the cab, then leisurely and safely return to SFO and take your place in the short line.  You could even stop at that deli you like so much and enjoy a sandwich.

In order to use the new short system you will need to do a few things so you should get set up and ready to go now!  You will need the following:

 1)  Smart Phone -

Anyone who does not have a smart phone can check out one of the various companies offering free cell phones and service paid for by the US government.  Here is one  If you go by the 16th street BART station in the afternoon there are usually people there who will sign you up for the free service.

2) Create an account at

This will also allow you to add money to your Smart A-Card via the on line portal.

3)  Install the TaxiQ app on your smart phone

Android users - get the app from the Play Store and Iphone from the App Store

The official announcement from the SFMTA with all of the details is available here

For further information including phone requirements and a user guide for TaxiQ visit

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