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Important Action Meeting of San Francisco Taxi Workers Alliance

All Taxi Drivers Welcome -- Members will be voting on actions

Tuesday June 2,  6 to 8 PM  at 2940 16th street (between South Van Ness & Capp) 

Aaron Peskin will be there to talk to us - he is running (against Ed Lee's handpicked candidate) for District 3 Supervisor. We will ask him for commitments to our fight against Uber and Lyft.  He is experienced -- he has previously been a Supervisor, he is active in the Democratic party beyond the city, and active in the environmental community.  

Also at this meeting:  

There is a Mayor's Conference  in San Francisco June 19-22...which includes an Uber tour for the Mayors!! ! Let's talk about what we will do to educate the mayors and the public on what Uber brings to a city.

SFO developments, including the geo-fence, shorts, rules enforcement, and the fact that TNC permits due for renewal at the end of the summer.

Uber has lots of lobbyists working today in Sacramento to screw us and the public.  We in San Francisco can join with drivers in San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego for more power to fight back.  


From Time Warner Cable News on May 22 from Austin Texas

 TAXI CO-OP in Austin Texas Approved

Taxi drivers get a nod in their favor.

   Austin’s cab industry is run by three private companies right now. Drivers essentially rent permits from the companies by paying a weekly fee for dispatch services and access to branded cabs.

   The cab drivers now want to create a co-op, where they control the permits and thus control the price they pay for that privilege. City Council decided Thursday to explore that option.

   “We want to be clear that we are asking that all 405 new permits recommended by staff be granted to this co-op, the single best way to lift drivers out of poverty that they are currently facing right now,” Dave Passmore with the Taxi Drivers Association of Austin said.

   The City Council is also considering new long-term agreements with all three existing cab companies. After that’s finished in two weeks, they’ll revisit rules for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft.


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